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Description of the CD, The Seasons of Austin Street
          Austin Street Centre is a Christian, Non-Profit, faith-based homeless shelter, located in Dallas, Texas, where each night between 400-600 souls are welcomed to a safe and clean place to sleep.  For six years Chris Snidow, RN ran a day program there for homeless people who were also suffering with mental illness.

          In 2005, Rev. Bubba Dailey and Fr. Harry Dailey, Co-Executive Directors of the shelter, coordinated with Chris to create a choir of the homeless, which would become The Austin Street Pilgrims. Many talented singers were coming in and out of the shelter, and they would form the nucleus of the ever-changing choir. They began singing for the services at the chapel of the shelter, and soon began making performances throughout the Dallas-Ft Worth area in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement centers, etc.
          Soon it was decided to record some of these wonderful singers.  Rufus Barnes, Ron Byrd, Stephanie Cook and Debbie Whiddon were some of those singing so well at that time. The decision was taken to make a CD.

          Over the next 18 months, Chris created the music in his home studio, and the Austin Street Pilgrims then recorded their vocals on top of this. Along with this, three seasoned and talented professional singers (Eric Tagg, Martha Schattman and Linda Renfro) also contributed to three of the 20 songs.

          The Seasons of Austin Street CD is the result. It was released in 2006, accompanied by good reviews, and garnered attention all over the United States.

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