Welcome to Pilgrim Witnesses! My wife Catherine and I met in Taize, France many years ago. During one trip there, through a series of coincidental events, we discovered the amazing true story of Joan of Arc, and have since found her an especially powerful witness to God, as He is revealed in the Bible. Did you know: Continue Reading:

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Come Forth:

Crossing Over

Daughter Of God:

From The Foundation Of The World:

Joan Of Arc and Prophecy
And the God Of The Bible:

Leprechaun Hill:

Number Our Days:

The New Dawn:

The Seasons Of Austin Street:


Go Go Go Daughter Of God

Va Va Va Fille DE Dieu:
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God Is Working? A Whisper In
The Storm By Chris Snidow:

The Witch That Wasn't-Joan
Of Arc And The God Of The Bible:

Jeanne d'Arc et le Dieu de la Bible
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