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 I was thirteen, I had a voice from God to help me govern my conduct; and rarely do I hear it without a great light. He told me that I, Joan, should come into France.He taught me to behave rightly, and go often to church, and before all things he told me to be a good child and that God would help me, and that I should believe in what they (Saint Margaret and Saint Catherine) would tell me, for it was God's command.  

Joan of Arc, Trial of Condemnation:

Chris Snidow after NEW DAWN. Leprechaun Hill, Crossing Over,and From The Foundation of the World.
Chris Snidow his New Album, Number Our Days:

This Album contains 9 Themes, all composed by Chris except two which were arranged by him. The music is very melodic, Sometimes Rythmic, sometimes near ambient.
The Main Inspiration for This Work is the Bible.The instrumentation is rich and electronic, and there are multicolored waves of sounds which suggest various types of environments, always full of Pleasent harmonies.
The Album also a collection of quiet atmospheres. Really great stuff for people who like innovative and original electronic instrumental music.

Pilgrimwitnesses CD Number Our Days

List Price For This Item is: $11.00

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Chris Snidow

9320 Biscayne Blvd.

Dallas, TX 75218

PH: 1-214 327 4579

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