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Chris Snidow

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'Leprechaun Hill'

J.W., DREAMS WORD, Fall 1990

Independent release, 1988.

Snidow spent several weeks in Ireland to learn about the folklore behind the myth of leprechauns. Don’t expect, however, to find any Chieftains of Boys of the Lough mannerisms in this music. This veteran rock/blues/jazz/guitarist/drummer plays nothing but synths. He relies on his own inspiration rather than tradition to express the spirituality he felt during his stay in Eyre.

Much of the music is very lively thanks to the smart sequences and an alien flute sound. Full-Moon’s Fete features some exciting percussion, while 'Looking Glass' is just plain a joyous listening experience. The slower pieces also work very well, as with 'Elves’ Reverie'. This piece closes the cassette with a reflective ballad and some beautiful nocturnal sounds. Just as Van Morrison uses rock and soul music as his mode of expression, Snidow uses esotronic to express his own musical passion. This is a very highly recommended CD SYNTHESIS, Spring, 1992

Having been fascinated since childhood with the magical qualities of Ireland, Chris visited there to research the lore of the Leprechaun. He may have brought back tales and traditions but somehow overlooked Ireland’s rich musical flavors. The music on this CD is excellent and certainly magical in feeling, but it doesn’t really relate to the fabled “little people” of the Emerald Isle.

Chris’ original style and taste are foremost, with a definite jazz/rock base steeped in classic EM. Compelling melodies and rhythms make this a delightful CD to listen to time and again. Perhaps he should have titled it differently and kept the leprechauns in the realm of myth. Chris Snidow is a new discovery here at SYNTH but he’s been recording EM for quite a while in addition to playing guitar and drums in several Jazz and Rock bands. We look forward to hearing more from him.

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