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Go, Go, Go Daughter of God !

(Prophecy in Motion)

- DVD Music, Images and Text -

Chris Snidow

© Snidow 2013

This dynamic and unique DVD, Go, Go, Go Daughter of God ! (previously titled Joan of Arc-Prophecy and the God of the Bible) was created for the Sound and Light Show of the Basilique de Domrémy. Original music was composed and new text written. Then during the Joan of Arc festival, with the help of the well-known Parisian light specialist, Eric Le Bellec, the show was performed in the Basilique on May 11, 2007. Afterwards, due to popular demand, this DVD slide show was created in 2011, and then updated in 2013.

It is made up of 450 beautiful images, original music and a theatrical presentation, reflecting on Joan of Arc’s prophetic gifts. It has since been performed in several different venues in France, including churches, schools, a Basilica and at the Cathédrale d’Orleans.

It has also been performed in several venues of the USA.

Images Biblique Sonorisées

(Biblical Sound Pictures)

© Snidow 2011

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