C.W., NAPRA, Holiday 1995

Follow chapter and verse as Chris Snidow takes you on a galactic space music mission through the Bible (BYOB). Through the album occasionally gets a bit rock-us ('All the Tribes of the Earth' and 'La Grenouille Speciale'), Snidow spectacularly generates heaven and earth, the seeds of creation and explosions of glory. 'Talitha Cumi' (Mark 5: 38-43) is built upon a hypnotic gait that moves along a massage line of crystal gongs that then delivers you into intoxication slurry of angelic harps and resonant drones. In 'Time Heals Slowly', inner peace flirts pensively with a dove. 'From the Foundation of the World' is an electrifying and thrilling album that will create a planetarium show between your two ears.


'From the Foundation of the World' has the excitement, drive, and feel of recent Tangerine Dream and Yanni releases. This moving synthesizer-based music also features acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, electronic drums, and saxophone, and the guest talents of Eric Tagg and Steve Gay. The grandness of the Biblical titles is reflected in the spacious, majestic melodies, which start with otherworldly, spacey intros that set the theme for each piece. Although this is Snidow’s fourth release, it is his first CD, and could really find a large and enthusiastic audience.

Ben Kettlewell, KLEM, the German Edition, December 1995 Heike M. MaderTheodor-Storm-Weg 1, 51519 Odenthal.

Cowrind Studious CD-CCS 7777, Compact Disc, 1995
Every year brings a plethora of new electronic instrumental releases. Among the dozens of shiny new cds only a handful seem memorable. Out of this handful are the movers and shakers of this medium, artists that leave us a true artistic legacy. They present evocative visions that take you new places, and stay embedded in your deepest thoughts as if they had a life of their own. The new cd from Texas composer Chris Snidow, embodies all of these traits and more. From the dreamy 'Bladerunner' inspired piece 'In the Fullness of Time', to incredible majestic pieces like the epic 'Firmament of the Heavens' and 'All the Tribes of Earth', Snidow demonstrates an impressive command over a variety of compositional materials.

It is an album that bears up well to repeated listenings, and can actually get quite addictive. Chris has blended the best elements of early eighties grandiose e-music, i.e. 'China', 'Oxygene' and 'Silk Road', with world instruments, acoustic timbres, and a much broader and imaginative tonal palette with the new audio tools of the nineties. Snidow has developed an unerring sense of what constitutes a great melodic hook. Combine this with sophisticated writing/arranging, and incredible patchs and samples, and you’ve got a richly rewarding album.

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